Sponsored: Philly Foodworks brings Chester County farms to South Philly


Philly Foodworks was started by three guys who got into urban farming in West Philly in 2010, and they’ve since greatly expanded, primarily sourcing fresh produce from 10 growers in the Chester County town of Honey Brook. In addition to farmers, they work with food artisans to curate one of the best selections of local goods in the city and make them available through the farm share and an online farmer’s market.

Philly Foodworks sources from local farms as much as possible and make sure to buy only from farms that use good labor practices and organic growing methods. Besides fruits and vegetables, there is also dairy, meat, bread, pantry goods and much more. They also sprinkle in various Philly favorites, such as Dottie’s doughnuts from West Philly, tortillas from 9th Street, hot sauce from Cafe Chismosa in Northern Liberties, and a number of other one-off fun items that you can pick from weekly online.

Honey Brook, PA, August 4, 2014 - The Reuben Reihl family farm.Honey Brook, PA, August 4, 2014 - The Reuben Reihl family farm.

Philly Foodworks provides online descriptions, recipes, nutrition info and storage info for all of their products to help you learn more about the food you are receiving and what to do with it. It is a great opportunity for individuals who want to cook more and explore the amazing local food offerings.

The commitment to local producers runs so deep that Philly Foodworks has also invested in a number of the farms’ operations, giving out $75,000 to small farms in just the past two years. The funding has helped several small farms expand their business by encouraging them to start complementary efforts. Pigs, for instance, are great for a produce farm because they eat the produce scraps, and companion planting of different crops can maximize yield per square foot without depleting nutrients in the soil.


To get in on the action, find more information at Philly Foodworks’ website. And in the meantime, here’s a look at the South Philly pick-up locations (you can also pay a little extra for home delivery):

– B2 Cafe, East Passyunk Avenue and Dickinson Street
-Benna’s Cafe, 8th and Wharton streets
– Beautiful World Syndicate, 1619 E. Passyunk Ave. (near Tasker)
-Hello… Anti Salon, 1905 S 13th St. (near Passyunk and Mifflin)
-American Sardine Bar, 18th and Federal streets
-CineMug: Cafe, movie rental shop, film fanatic hangout, 1607 S. Broad St. (near Tasker)
-OCF Cafe, 20th and Federal streets
– A private residence at 18th and Mifflin streets
– Red Hook Cafe, 4th and Fitzwater streets
– Butchers Sew, 8th and Catherine streets
– Fleischer Art Memorial, 719 Catharine St.
– OCF Cafe, 18th and South streets
– Philly Kids Gym, 9th and South streets