Point Breeze Brewing launches Kickstarter for new Grays Ferry brewery location

Point Breeze Brewing company is a small operation started in a residential kitchen by three South Philadelphians.

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That business is now ready to expand. Point Breeze Brewing has acquired a location just a stone’s throw away in Grays Ferry. They’ve received the proper zoning approval and are now working on fundraising through Kickstarter to be able to share this South Philly-brewed beer with more bars and restaurants in the area.

The new brewery location is at 1225 S. 28th St. In early June, the zoning variance for the site was approved, allowing for a brewery to operate out of this CMX-2-zoned property.

Point Breeze Brewing has a $5,000 fundraising goal in mind. The money will go towards a fermentation expansion, the purchase of more kegs, a control panel upgrade for a new brewing system, more refrigeration, along with helping to pay off the fees for the zoning lawyer who helped make this brewery a possibility for Grays Ferry.

They hope to eventually open up the brewery for visitors with a special tasting room-like space, but that won’t happen until the business is more established. To this point, they’ve redone the interior of the one garage unit and hope to continue to grow, with plans of also expanding into the corner storefront within two years. No matter what, this Kickstarter is expected to lead to more beer in South Philly.

This isn’t the only new brewery opening in this general area. Brewery ARS is coming soon to West Passyunk Avenue, there’s another possible brewpub in Newbold, and the area was even recently named as one of the country’s best beer “hoods.”

Interested in supporting the Kickstarter? You can read more about the brewery and find out more about donating here.