Butcher’s Sew Shop expands with new studio on South Street West

Do you want to learn to sew your own garments but don’t know where to start? Butcher’s Sew Shop, a new-to-Graduate Hospital business, is here to help.

The studio, which hosts classes for all skill levels, opened at the beginning of August at 1912 South St.

Butcher’s offers classes ranging from the basics like “Sewing 101” and “Sewing 201,” to the more advanced sessions for quilting, sewing blazers, draping and more. Soon you’ll also be able to bring your kids to an after school program at the shop.

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The business began with a location in a former butcher shop at 8th and Catharine. This new studio now expands the sewing classes and services to the west-side of Broad Street.

Interested in attending a class? You can find schedules and pricing on Butcher’s Sew Shop’s website.

One thought on “Butcher’s Sew Shop expands with new studio on South Street West

  • August 13, 2016 at 11:13 am

    This is wonderful! There’s nothing better than creating one’s own garment. It’ll be different than what everyone else is wearing and better made than the cheap carp made in third world sweat shops.

    It’s too bad the public schools did away with home economic and shop classes. We have a generation that throws away clothing that’s in need of a simple seam repair or button replacement because they weren’t taught how to sew on a button.

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