Liquor license pending for new grocery store tenant at Grays Ferry Pathmark

Movement is definitely happening at the former Grays Ferry Pathmark. With fencing around the location and renovations happening to the property, something new is coming soon.

From Naked Philly.

To add to the excitement for residents in the Grays Ferry area, there’s now news of a pending application for a liquor license for the location. The application is for a restaurant license, which would allow for the establishment to serve liquor, wine or beer, along with food service.

From Naked Philly:

On the LCB website, there’s a pending application for a restaurant liquor license at the site of the former supermarket. Wakefern Food Corp is the owner and wouldn’t you know it, Wakefern is the parent company of Price Rite, Shop Rite, and Fresh Grocer. This would indicate, quite strongly, that one of those grocery stores will soon be opening on Grays Ferry Avenue. So while we still aren’t sure which grocery store to expect, this at least tells us that a grocery store is indeed coming soon.

The long-running rumor is that Fresh Grocer will be the new tenant, which seems likely with the Wakefern Food Corp. connection. No matter what it is, a grocery store is a much-needed amenity in this location.

One thought on “Liquor license pending for new grocery store tenant at Grays Ferry Pathmark

  • August 17, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Wasn’t there originally discussion of the cramped ShopRite at 24th and Oregon moving to this location? I can’t remember if that was something the owner was considering, or just the rumor mill. The Grays Ferry location would be a little less convenient for transit, but better for walkers and drivers.

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