Newbold Neighbors Association to announce new name tomorrow

The search for a new name for Newbold Neighbors Association began in June when the organization asked the community for opinions on the neighborhood’s current name. Many residents were unhappy with how “Newbold” represented the diversity of the area.

Newbold neighbors civic2

At NNA’s general membership meeting last month, members then voted in favor of a name change. As of Wednesday night, Newbold will be a name of the past for the organization.

These are the names Newbold is considering:

  • Neighbors Together in Point Breeze
  • East Point Breeze Neigbhors
  • Point Towards Broad Civic

In addition to those three, they’re also considering other neighbor-submitted names.

In our last post about the name change, our readers recommended some possible substitutions.

Here’s the serious and not-so-serious suggestions from the comment section:

  • Bancroft
  • New Breeze
  • Upper Girard Estates
  • Breeze Bold
  • West Passyunk Heights (adding “heights” or “upper” makes it classier)
  • South Central Philly
  • Chadwick
  • Badlands South
  • DogWater Run
  • Longacre Gardens
  • Feibush Acres
  • OldBold
  • Rolled Gold
  • AdolescentBold
  • HicksBold
  • Point Bold
  • Breeze Bold
  • A Dish Served Cold
  • BroWashPass
  • WashBroPass
  • WaBroPa
  • BraWaPOW!
  • BraWaPOW18!
  • South Central Philly
  • East West Passyunk
  • Molé

The name change will be announced on Wednesday, August 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments at 16th and Reed.