Pig runs loose on Washington Avenue, captured by ACCT with the help of cat food

Did you happen to see a pig running loose on Washington Avenue this holiday weekend? Well, you weren’t imagining it.

Photo by Dave Lembeck, via Philly Mag.

Animal Care and Control Team, along with some residents who spotted the pig running loose, went on a wild chase to catch this pig on Labor Day. All it took was a full team of ACCT employees and a can of cat food to eventually lead to the pig’s capture.

From Philly Mag:

Someone from Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team showed up, but had trouble. He chased the pig across Washington Avenue and back. It missed being hit by a car “by six inches,” according to Lembeck. This pig was so slippery that the ACCT employee decided he needed a team to help catch it.

Lembeck had to leave – it was his wife’s birthday, and he’d already spent too much time trying to catch a pig. That’s when Lisa Weir came in, armed with a can of food. She started talking to the pig, “trying to make friends,” as Colin puts it. After about an hour and a half, she had it eating cat food. ACCT arrived again and, with the help of some bystanders, were able to corner the pig and capture it.

One thought on “Pig runs loose on Washington Avenue, captured by ACCT with the help of cat food

  • September 13, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    I wonder if it belonged to my old neighbors who had a pig in their back yard. I once saw a big, white goose running down Snyder Avenue at 8th. It was close to Thanksgiving so I could only assume someone’s dinner had escaped.

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