Southwark Elementary hosting fundraiser on Oct. 13 for planned schoolyard improvements

Southwark Elementary at 9th and Mifflin is among the schools in South Philadelphia planning playground improvements. Chester Arthur and the Taggart School are among those who have new schoolyards in the works.


In about three years, the schoolyard at Southwark is expected to be transformed from solid concrete into an interactive space for kids to learn, create, grow and play. The project is still in early planning stages, so Southwark Elementary is hosting a fundraising event this week to help make this improved outdoor space a reality.

On Thursday, October 13, Friends of Southwark will be across the street from the elementary school, on top of the rooftop terrace at Bok. The adults-only event will include drinks, appetizers and more to help raise funds to make this boring schoolyard into a beautiful urban oasis.

Advance tickets will cost $30 for one, or $50 for two. If you’re a Southwark parent, you can buy tickets at the door at a “pay what you can” rate. Tickets can be purchased here.