Italian Market ‘Stock Exchange’ functions as public art

Artist Jon Rubin, in collaboration with the Mural Arts Program, is dreaming up public art in a new way. From now through December 7, select businesses in the Italian Market will be collaborating by exchanging items to sell in each other’s stores.


These participating businesses include more recent immigrants and more established stores “that operate in close proximity to each other but are often separated by cultural and socioeconomic differences.”

Artist Jon Rubin came up with the idea to break boundaries and allow these businesses to better understand each other. On your next trip to 9th Street, you might pop into a kitchen shop and find pulp fiction books, or to a florist and find sparkly caps.

Participating businesses:

  • Betty Ann’s Italian Market Florist, 902 S. 9th St.
  • Fante’s Kitchen Shop,1006 S. 9th St.
  • Molly’s Books and Records, 1010 S. 9th St.
  • J & J Discount, 1018 S. 9th St.
  • Alejandra Boutique, 1102 S. 9th St.
  • Casanova Music Center, 1137 S. 9th St.
  • Botánica Sigua,1167 S. 9th St.
  • Chocolate Arts and Crafts, 1168 S. 9th St.

You can take a tour of these businesses to learn more about the project on select Sundays, including Oct. 30, Nov. 13, Nov. 20., and Dec. 4. Some dates include a bilingual tour option. Tours cost $5. You can purchase tickets here.