Updated Cascia Center renderings feature scaled-down building height

Over the summer the plans for a Cascia Center at Broad and Ellsworth returned in a big way. Plans presented back in 2014 were for a single-story facility that would give St. Rita’s church additional space as a “peacemaking” facility. When plans reemerged after receiving criticism for not using the location’s potential, things changed in a big way.


Since the summertime, the plans have been scaled back slightly. Instead of the height being about the same as that of the church, the mixed-use building is now proposed at five-stories.


The updated Cascia Center proposal includes 46 one-bedroom units for senior housing, 7,100 sq. ft. for the ground-floor Cascia Center and a 2,650 sq. ft. outdoor plaza for visitors to enjoy.


The previous version of the plans received praise from the South Broad Street Neighbors Association when presented at a meeting in July, but that was prior to the building being scaled down. It is still a vast improvement from the initial designs, but is it enough?

The Civic Design Review will be weighing in on the development later this month. You can view the full Civic Design Review document here. What do you think of the updates?

One thought on “Updated Cascia Center renderings feature scaled-down building height

  • November 21, 2016 at 9:30 am

    Still looks pretty awful to me but hey, infill is infill.
    I am surprised that there are barely any windows facing Broad, considering that it doesn’t appear as if they have any utility restrictions. I think it makes it look dormy.

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