Franklin Fountain’s ice cream is now being served at P’unk Burger

The old-timey ice cream shop in Old City called Franklin Fountain will now be serving some ice cream at an East Passyunk Avenue shop.

P’unk Burger is now serving shakes, floats and scoops of select Franklin Fountain flavors at their shop at 1823 E. Passyunk Ave.

More from The Insider:

The first three shakes ($8) are Gingersnap Eggnog Custard, Cinnamon, and nondairy Peppermint Stick. The three seasonal flavors are also available at P’unk Burger by the scoop as well as for floats with Maine Root natural soda on the fountain.

The gingersnap eggnog custard is infused with candied orange peel, and warmed with fresh nutmeg and a touch of brandy. Grated nutmeg gives it aromatics.