Ori Feibush will soon own Christian Street’s Sidecar Bar & Grille

At Thanksgiving, Adam Ritter very suddenly shut down Kermit’s Bake Shoppe on Washington Avenue.


Now a month later, he’s in the process of selling his other restaurant, Sidecar Bar & Grille, located at 22nd and Christian. Ori Feibush will be purchasing the business, adding to his restaurant repertoire which includes the newly-opened Burg’s Lounge in Point Breeze.

From The Insider:

Both men say Sidecar’s entire staff will remain and the business will continue to operate as it has since 2006 with no changes. The sale is expected to close Dec. 31.

Reason: Ritter no longer lives in Philadelphia, as he and his family moved to New Orleans last year. “It’s a challenge running multiple restaurants from 1,200 miles away,” Ritter said. “I’ve been flying up every week.”