Counterfeit Money Hits Three Local Businesses

Uh, uh-huh, yeah. It’s all about the Benjamins.

counterfeit money at Rex 1516 and Jet Wine Bar
Photo provided by Rex 1516

Last Saturday night both Rex 1516 and  Jet Wine Bar felt the wrath of two men with a quality printer and no dates.

The bogus 100s, serial number I42486261A,  passed the pen test.

Brian [Jackson – Rex 1516 Dining Room Manager gave this description] described the men as two young, black males. One is 6’3″ slim build; the other 5’10” medium build.

“I’m pretty sure they parked in between Jet and the yoga studio,” says Brian.

Heather Rodkey, Director of Operations for Rex 1516 added, “They each came in, ordered take out food, and paid with the fake $100s. We’re checking Jet’s cameras for footage.”

Also on Saturday, Rita’s Water Ice on South Street received two counterfeit $20 bills.