Beauty Bloomin’ Beyond the Backyard

It’s gardening season in South Philadelphia, and the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association (EPX) is hoping to get residents to think “beyond the backyard.” Their annual EPX in Bloom competition encourages residents to beautify their front steps, sidewalks, and window boxes. Neighbors are invited to submit images of their front greenery and plantings, with the possibility of winning prizes for Judge’s Choice or Crowd Favorite. You can help EPX determine the Crowd Favorite by ‘liking’ your favorite images on the Civic’s Facebook page.

EPX At-large board member and Social Media Coordinator Sequoia Medley explains, “EPX in Bloom is an excellent opportunity for our neighbors to exhibit their gardening skills for online recognition while also encouraging pedestrian exploration of our residential streets. We want people to walk through our neighborhood, and become inspired to create their own front-of-home displays.”

Entry from 1916 S 11th Street. See more at the EPX Facebook page.

The event is spearheaded by the EPX Beautification Committee, whose goal is to ‘clean and green’ within  civic’s boundaries, Tasker to Snyder, 6th to Broad Street. Entrants will be featured on a walking tour map, so neighbors can see the blooms even after the competition’s June 30th end.

Entry from 1035 Emily Street. See more at the EPX Facebook page.

Voting is currently open via the EPX Facebook page: You do not need to be an EPX resident to vote, and you may vote for multiple entrants.

Due to a technical error, entries from EPX residents are still being accepted, if you live within the civic’s boundaries, 6th Street to Broad Street, Snyder Ave to Tasker Street. To enter, email an image of your front display to and complete the application available on EPX’s Facebook page or at The competition’s guidelines are available here.

Entry from 2017 S. 11th Street. See more at the EPX Facebook page.

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