Vroom to Grow

The 14th Annual East Passyunk Car Show and Street Festival promises to be the best yet.

Having marked its lucky 13th iteration last year, the East Passyunk Car Show and Street Festival is going for a fortunate 14th on Sunday, July 28th from 11am to 4pm. A plethora of delights, including 200 antique, classic, show and custom cars, motorcycles and trucks, will make for an afternoon of unabashed revelry. The free show takes place on East Passyunk Avenue between Broad and Dickinson.

Photo by Darren Fava

“Every block is going to have something for everyone,” Adam Leiter, executive director of the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District (EPABID) which presents the annual event. “Our combination of cars, entertainment and food is something that you won’t see anywhere else in the city, so I’m excited to see how everyone enjoys the day.”

The event’s host, the Northeast Muscle Car Club, will present assorted forms of transportation beginning at 11am. The vehicles will have attendees marveling at their craftsmanship and care.

“It’s always such a great occasion for the Avenue and the neighborhood,” said Bob Santoro, who will display his 2004 Harley Davidson at the show. The efforts of the organizers and participants ensure a fantastic gathering, “With so much to see and do, you can’t help but be happy when you’re there.”

Santoro, a three-time entrant in the show, has enjoyed living in the vicinity of East Passyunk Avenue for “many moons.” He is extra excited this time, as he will be raffling off his bike to support the Children’s Fresh Air Home in North Wildwood, NJ. The longtime motorhead, who also used to run a business on the avenue, will be making the event his South Philly swansong–he plans to move to Italy soon. He trusts this will be a memorable event for him.

Enter the raffle for a chance to win this Harley – and help a good cause down the shore!

Leiter has been busy making sure it’s a memorable event. “Bob’s motorcycle and the rest of the cars and bikes are going to be what many people are obviously giddy to see, but what’s a festival without great stuff to eat, listen to, buy, and experience?” he asked. “Summers should always be fun, so we didn’t need any convincing to help to make this an on-brand spectacle.”

Those offerings include:

“I’ve been to the festival as a member of the community, so it’s going to be great to experience it on a new level,” said Leiter, coming up on his inaugural anniversary in his EPABID role. “It’s such a comprehensive day of enjoyment for everyone, and I believe it will be the best that the avenue has seen so far.”

The executive director happily added that two donated truck hoods will feature vinyl-wrapping on which people will be able to write or draw to explain what they love and admire about East Passyunk Avenue.

Photo by Darren Fava

“We love contributing to the positive atmosphere that abounds in the neighborhood,” Leiter said. “I believe that’s going to be especially contagious come Sunday.”

“There’s a great amount of variety each time,” Santoro, whose motorcycle, like the other vehicles, will be vying for a prize, said. “It’s great that the show has become synonymous with summer because the day is about forgetting your cares and enjoying yourself and the sights.”