Resolution reboot compliments of a beloved South Philly shop

As winter marches on and Valentine’s Day is now in the rear view mirror, new year’s resolutions once made so confidently may now seem like distant and naive memories. January started with so much promise between trips to the gym, meal planning, and bullet journaling. Now that’s morphed into binge watching Disney Plus and ordering take out. In order to help get you back on the bandwagon, or keep you there for those super-human readers, we identified some life hacks, gadgets, and tools to help with the most popular resolutions.

We recently joined Liana Ottaviani, owner of the beloved South Philadelphia kitchen store, Fante’s Kitchen Shop, to learn about new and old tricks that will help you keep your house, body, and wallet in tip top shape. Wherever you shop, consider supporting retailers like Fante’s who are deeply committed to and embedded in the community. We’ll take Fante’s over Amazon every time!

Healthy Eating 

If your goal is to cook healthy food at home, consider buying yourself an olive oil mister. These spray bottles reduce the amount of olive oil that you cook with while evenly distributing the oil onto the pan (set of 2 for $29,99).

Produce keepers are equipped with air flow vents that keep your fruits and veggies fresher or longer. These breathable and BPA free containers are a perfect way to keep your bounty from the farmers market last longer ($14.99).

A delicious homemade salad packed with nuts, protein, and accouterments is an ultra satisfying way to support healthful eating – but beware of ruining that crisp salad with soggy lettuce. Get yourself a salad spinner or microfiber towel, especially if storage is at a premium in your kitchen, to store and dry lettuce (spinners $27.99 – $34.99; microfiber towels $17.99).

Home Organization + Cleaning 

If your abode needs a refresh, there are countless items available to help you better organize your kitchen and keep it spic and span. Instead of buying plastic containers of spices, acquire a collection of reusable glass spice jars at Fante’s ($1.19 – $2.99). Hop across the street to Grassia’s Italian Market Spice Company to buy affordable packets of anything you can imagine to fill up your new collection of jars.

Silicon sponges and dish gloves can clean the most stubborn of pans ($5.99 – $14.99) And no kitchen is complete without a dish scraper in bright colors ($1.49).

Staying on a Budget 

Prepping food at home and eliminating single use containers and plastic wrap are simple ways to reduce excess costs. If you’re ready to take the plunge into home coffee making instead of grabbing a cuppa on the go, Fante’s has several affordable options ranging from a craft coffee starter setup ($19.99) to a Bodum French press mug – that can also be used loose leaf tea ($32.99).

When packing lunches, consider using reusable sandwich bags ($14.99) or Beeswax wrap ($5.99 – $20.99). Even the most minor change can make a positive impact in your daily routines.