Coronavirus isn’t stopping RCA’s addiction treatment

In a time of social distancing and isolation, people in active addiction and in recovery are at a heightened risk. They’re alone with the darkest parts of themselves; for most, this is a trying time. The risk of relapse, overdose, withdrawal, or death is constant. The urgency to help people still struggling with addiction has never been stronger. 

With limited access to stores and restaurants that sell alcohol, people suffering from alcohol abuse run the risk of withdrawal. Out of boredom, anxiety, or fear, people may be using more drugs as they sit at home by themselves – or worse, with family members or loved ones who trigger their need to use.

For those in recovery, isolation, boredom, and distancing isn’t a recipe for success, as recovery has taught them to surround themselves with support and stay engaged in the steps. 

That’s why Recovery Centers of America (RCA) is continuing its mission to save one million lives, one neighborhood at a time. Addiction doesn’t stop and neither do we. 

RCA is an addiction treatment center with 7 inpatient facilities, 8 outpatient facilities, and 3 medication-assisted treatment facilities. We provide the tools, resources, and experience necessary to beat addiction with our evidence-based curriculum, specialized programs, and team made up of medical directors, nurses, masters-level therapists, recovery support specialists, and more. 

We work relentlessly to deliver evidence-based addiction treatment and an admissions process which is easier, more accessible, more affordable and more effective. Our treatment focuses on healing and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit, increasing the likelihood of our patients achieving – and maintaining – recovery. 

“Our long-term treatment curriculum gives the patient time for their brain and body to be able to fight the strong cravings and stay in recovery,” says RCA’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Deni Carise.

Recovery Centers of America’s comprehensive addiction treatment program and core clinical curriculum are backed by a team of experienced professionals with years in the recovery field. Chief Science Officer Deni Carise, Ph.D., has been a part of the recovery community for over 30 years.

Many members of RCA’s leadership and our committed teams have dedicated their lives to helping those with addiction for decades. Many have overcome addiction themselves and are passionate about saving others – just as they have been saved. 

RCA’s philosophy is that we and the families are all in this fight together. We know the wreckage addiction leaves behind. To help families heal together, we’ve developed specific family programming. Because we’re local, it’s easy for families to participate in this special programming. RCA has two locations in your area: Devon, PA and Mays Landing, PA. RCA at Devon and RCA at Lighthouse provide both medically monitored detoxification, inpatient, and outpatient services.

As RCA continues this fight against the addiction epidemic, we’re fighting another battle, too: Coronavirus. We always put the health and safety of our patients, families, staff and communities above all else. It’s our job to keep patients engaged in their recovery efforts while keeping them safe against Coronavirus. To keep patients, loved ones, and communities aware of our precautions, we launched a COVID-19 update page on our website. This page is updated regularly and hosts helpful articles written by RCA experts on some of the top concerns for people right now, including anxiety, boredom, and how to stay connected. We also have a list of virtual NA/AA meetings for those in recovery.  

We will continue to accept patients suffering from addiction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we closely follow and implement recommendations provided by the CDC and local public health authorities. We will stand strong during these tough times as we continue to treat patients suffering from addiction. 

There will never be a perfect time for someone to seek addiction treatment – use this time of isolation and uncertainty to finally get help. RCA is honored to continue to serve as a haven to those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse.

Call us today at 1-800-RECOVERY or visit our website