#PassyunkStrong: an avenue for hope

A new hashtag and Facebook frames help community members express solidarity with local businesses as COVID-19 alters the retail landscape.

Adam Leiter, the executive director of the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District (EPABID), is usually “positively focused on gatherings” designed to promote the businesses along the Avenue. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, he quickly switched gears to get the word out about Avenue locations that were open as essential businesses. Check out the comprehensive list of retailers open for online sales, and food purveyors offering pickup and deliveries.

Earlier this month EPABID debuted the hashtag #PassyunkStrong to allow patrons to express their support for the Avenue. Facebook users can add one of two #PassyunkStrong picture frames to their profile picture—one with a heart and an “EPA” wrap, another with the EPA heart superimposed on a flexed arm symbolizing strength.

This #PassyunkStrong overlay is one of two that people can add to their Facebook profile pictures to show support for East Passyunk Avenue-situated businesses. Credit: The East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District

Leiter said the Avenue’s retailers “love being a part of this community, so by showing that #PassyunkStrong message in their profiles, people are saying that they enjoy calling on those businesses because they trust them and want them to come out of this intact.” He added, “That’s something the businesses definitely appreciate because they want their customers to remain strong, too.”

Leiter keeps in constant contact with the avenue’s restaurants and shops as they modify their services. He noted that, although the nature of doing business has temporarily changed, “we are not wavering from caring about connecting with the community and being there for whatever people need.”

He concluded, “We certainly don’t know when everything will be less stressful, but we are confident that when we have clearance to return to earlier business models that we’re going to be quite strong.”

To add the overlays, Leiter offered these guidelines.

  1. In Facebook, click the camera icon to change your profile picture.
  2. Select “Add Frame.”
  3. Type “Passyunk.”
  4. Hit “Accept,” and center the overlay.

For more information, contact strong@visiteastpassyunk.com. 

Passyunk Post is #PassyunkStrong!