Help South Philly restaurant & bar staff with these virtual tip jars

Contribute a virtual tip to help out-of-work employees at your favorite spot.

It’s common knowledge that there’s an abundance of great establishments to eat and drink in South Philly. Many of the people who labor behind the scenes at these businesses often go unnoticed. When the COVID-19 shutdown of non-essential businesses began on March 16, restaurants were faced with tough decisions. Some decided to close, while others transitioned to takeout and delivery. Almost all of them have had to furlough or lay off most of their employees in order to stay in business.

Before the crisis, almost 80,000 people worked in a food-related job in Philadelphia, representing 12% of the total workforce. Many of these people struggled to make ends meet prior to the pandemic. Unemployment will only replace a small amount of their income, particularly if they relied on tips.

In response to the urgent needs of their employees, bars and restaurants have set up “virtual tip jars” using GoFundMe and Venmo. If you’d like to help, check out the list below for links to South Philly bars and restaurants that have set up virtual tip jars.

How you can help their employees
American Sardine Bar
Cantina Los Caballitos
Devil’s Den
Fountain Porter Venmo: @fountain_porter
Grindcore House
Hive Cafe
Jet Wine Bar, Rex 1516, Cafe Ynez
Laurel, ITV
Le Virtu
Lucky 13 Pub
Messina Social Club
Noord, Winkel
Palizzi Social Club
POPE (Pub on Passyunk East)
Rival Bros Coffee Venmo: rivalbrosbaristafund (code:3995)
Second District Brewing
Tattooed Mom’s

Also consider purchasing a gift card at your favorite establishment’s website.

In addition, there is a more comprehensive citywide spreadsheet created by Michelle Cudia. Check it out here.

Other ways to help:

If you know of other South Philly restaurants or bars that have “virtual tip jars”, please let us know in the comments below.