Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health, & Eating Disorder Treatment at RCA at Devon

In this new era of social distancing and isolation, it has never been so important to stay connected. While we can’t be together physically, we can still connect emotionally – and that’s critical for everyone right now. That’s why Recovery Centers of America is offering telehealth services not just for Substance Use Disorder patients, but for those suffering from mental health disorders and eating disorders, too. 

“Our telehealth services are almost identical to our in-person services,” says Devon Outpatient Director Christina Snyder. “Except now, everything is done from the comfort of the client’s home.”

There are three aspects to RCA at Devon’s Outpatient services: 

  • Substance use disorder treatment
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • Mental health disorder treatment 

“A lot of patients feel more at ease because they’re at home – they’re more comfortable in their own realm,” says Snyder. 

Patients can now use their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to complete an assessment, log into group or individual therapist, check-in with a medical provider, complete a psychiatric evaluation, and more. 

“Recovery Centers of America has made my life so much more manageable. After changing to telehealth I was a little worried it would not be as effective. While it is different it is definitely helping me cope with so many of my issues. I thank everyone for all their help and RCA is amazing,” says a current RCA at Devon patient.


Substance Use Disorder

Isolation can be deadly for someone suffering from an active addiction or in recovery. Our goal at RCA is to remind patients they aren’t alone and provide treatment and resources to get them through this challenging time.

“It’s a really difficult time for those in recovery because they may be isolated from their support network. Telehealth is a creative platform to reconnect people and provide support,” says Snyder.

Patients can take part in telehealth IOP, GOP, and PHP services, including:

  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Confidence-building workshops
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • At-home wellness activities 
  • Coping skills to handle daily and current life challenges
  • 12-Step programming
  • Dealing with urges and triggers
  • Developing a positive recovery support network

Eating Disorders

Being stuck at home can be especially difficult for those suffering from an eating disorder.

“Our eating disorder program is designed to support our clients in different stages of their recovery.  A key component to the program is meal support which we continue to offer through telehealth services,” says Snyder.

RCA at Devon is offering a meal support drive thru. Once a week, patients come and pick up their dietician-registered meals for the week. Then, when they get home, all Eating Disorder patients and the dietitian log on and enjoy their meals together.

They’re also teaching clients how to utilize the ingredients in their pantry.

“A lot of patients can’t get to the store or have been laid off and can’t afford much for food. Our dietician is showing them how to utilize their pantries,” Snyder says. “Making the most out of what they have, while ensuring they are getting proper nutrients.”

Mental Health Services

“Our mental health treatment is different from our SUD treatment because it’s offering a service to the general mental health population,” says Snyder. “If someone is stuck at home and feeling depressed, anxious, or just having a hard time, this is the perfect opportunity for them to reach out to one of our therapists. It’s a tough time for everyone – RCA can help.”

RCA’s licensed clinicians conduct assessments, group therapy, and individual therapy via Webex. Here, patients can talk to a licensed therapist, provide helpful resources, and treat mental disorders.

And RCA at Devon can help local hospitals, too. Our services can be a support for front line workers, patients, families, and anyone else impacted by this difficult time. We’re here to help anyone struggling right now.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder, eating disorder, or need support in their recovery, call 1-800-RECOVERY today. Learn more about RCA’s Outpatient Services, RCA at Devon Outpatient, and our telehealth services