A Feast for Fans

A local marketing firm’s baseball memorabilia signing will assist a hunger prevention organization.

Going without live action has proven a major hindrance for sports fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, thanks to Bobby Capone, instead of watching SportsCenter or YouTube for clips of legendary feats, fans can find a different way to engage with their athletic heroes. Through May 29, Capone is accepting memorabilia that he will have signed by members of the 1993 National League Champion Phillies squad and the 2008 World Series-winning club. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Philabundance, 3616 S. Galloway St.

“Our city has great connections to the players from those teams, so this is a great way to stay connected to them while helping a great cause,” said Capone, a South Philly resident and founder of Overtime Promotions. “Right now, because of the pandemic, people are missing sports while many are also wondering how they’re going to keep food on their tables. I’m very sensitive to both of these facts.”

Capone has enlisted first baseman John Kruk, second baseman Mickey Morandini, starting pitcher Tommy Greene, and reliever Mitch Williams from the 1993 Phillies. He also has utility infielder Eric Bruntlett, outfielder Matt Stairs, and pitchers J.C Romero and Brad Lidge from the 2008 Fightins.

For fees ranging from $5 to $40 the star players will apply their John Hancocks to items delivered to Overtime Promotions at 822 Reed St. The chance to honor these players’ contributions to our national pastimes’ history is running concurrently with two other private signings that Capone is overseeing to help Philabundance, with Lenny Dykstra, the sparkplug for the 1993 Phillies, participating in one.

“It’s great to be able to assist Philabundance because their work is especially crucial right now,” Capone said. The organization, which will soon turn 36-years old, “seeks to drive hunger from our communities today and end hunger forever.” It serves approximately 90,000 people per week.

“No matter who we are, we will all need some sort of help in life, and because we’ve all had our lives altered [by] COVID-19, reminding people that there’s help out there can go a long way to keeping us all strong.”

Those who submit memorabilia to Capone can expect to have their goods signed and returned to them within a couple of weeks. Once they are reunited with their collectibles, not only will they have lasting memories thanks to the signatures but also because of the assistance that their consideration for others will have provided.

“I’m happy to help people who want to connect with players they admire,” Capone said. “The Philabundance element, too, is something that makes me proud because we’re all going to be able to giving people a bit of hope.”

For more information, contact Bobby Capone at 267-800-4388 or bcap20@overtimepromotions.com. Items should be sent to Overtime Promotions, 822 Reed St., Philadelphia, PA 19147.