The Pies That Bind

Mercer Café at The Navy Yard will host a virtual pizza-making workshop.

Having recently reopened their establishment following an 11-week, Coronavirus-induced pause, the powers that be who helm Mercer Café at The Navy Yard, 4920 S. 15th St., have been seeking ways to recoup business and to continue to connect with their community. Thursday at 5:30 p.m., they will “dough” their part, when general manager Thomas Woltjen leads a virtual pizza-making workshop.

“It’s always great to think of new concepts to attract people to your business anyway, so since we’re sort of in reset mode, we thought this would be a well-received way through which to strengthen ties we already have and build more.”

For $25 the Cafe, which last month turned five years old, is selling kits comprised of two 14-ounce dough balls, cheese, flour, sauce and instructions. The items will be available for pickup up until 5 p.m. on Thursday. Woltjen encourages interested parties to contact 267-457-5585 or to order and request the toppings that they want.

During the workshop the pizzaiolo will display his love for staples of Italian cuisine and will lead registrants in the creation of margherita and white pies.

“I think, with summer coming, this is a wonderful time to become even more infatuated with pizza,” Woltjen said. “We know that because of the pandemic, people are looking to keep busy. Here’s a chance to do so and to be creative simultaneously.”

He guarantees an educational and enlightening time that will serve as a heartwarming (not to mention oven-warming) way for families to bond or for individuals to pick up new talents. “Pizza is an amazing source of comfort,” he said. “Let’s see what we can create together.” Woltjen noted that pasta and salad workshops might soon join the pizza-making venture.

As for the brick-and-mortar business, Mercer Café has outside seating for 16 guests and a permit that could secure three dozen additional spots.