Fiery Friends at Southwark School

Southwark School is remaining “dragon strong” through its friends group’s fundraiser.

Since Principal Andrew Lukov arrived at Southwark School, 1835 S. Ninth St., seven years ago next month, the East Passyunk Crossing site has prided itself on being “dragon strong.” That description, inspired by the school’s mascot, has proven especially appropriate since the COVID-19 pandemic disturbed instruction in March. Ahead of a new term, the EPX Civic Friends of Southwark is seeking to keep the student body roaring with confidence through an ambitious Activity Fund fundraiser.

“There are so many dedicated individuals who ensure that the school thrives, and they’re all doing so for the benefit of amazing learners,” fundraiser organizer David Krill said. “We’re hoping to come through for everybody with this outreach.”

As the Friends’ GoFundMe page explains, the Southwark community felt a sizable setback over its inability to hold Fun Day in spring. That celebration typically brings the Activity Fund its biggest boost. With uncertainty over how this school year, which is set to begin virtually for the city’s public school pupils, might go, the fundraiser’s overseers are building up the Activity Fund to cover whatever joyful experiences they wish to plan.

“Rather than be pessimistic about the state of everything, we’re positive that we will transform every contribution into something very worthwhile,” said Krill, whose Friends group is a subcommittee of the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association.

In three weeks’ time, social media and word of mouth have helped the cause to generate $2,255 of the desired $9,000 goal. Krill, who will have a child enrolled at the school next year, noted that he hopes to reach half of that tally by mid-September, at which point he and his peers will evaluate their efforts.

“The country as a whole has so many groups and organizations that are tackling huge problems, so our mission might not be the most critical one at this point in time,” he said. “However, everything about it is incredibly meaningful to us and our outstanding children.”

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