Celebrate Your Neighbors

Neighbor Month is giving Nextdoor users a chance to sing their fellow residents’ praises.

Locals often hail Philadelphia as a city of neighborhoods, and South Philly plays a starring role in upholding that title. Because of their tight-knit nature, residents often find making friends out of their neighbors a pretty easy task.

On September 28, the social networking service Nextdoor will celebrate these connections through National Neighbor Day. To mark the event the site is seeking stories that “tell us the ways, big or small, that neighbors are coming together to help each other in your neighborhood.”

The initiative has the support of East Passyunk Crossing resident Tonimarie Nazzario. “I think highlighting what neighbors do for their friends and communities should be applauded,” she said. “For example,” she continued, “the stay-at-home person who takes in a neighbor’s packages or the person who does a street sweep to clean up the trash.”

Nazzario, senior director of human resources for the Center City District, said others who deserve commendation include those who cook a meal for an elderly person on the block or see to it that someone goes food shopping or arrives at a doctor’s appointment.

Whatever the good deed, Nextdoor wants to hear about all good Samaritans and is making its push to do so in the 11 countries and 265,000 global neighborhoods that it touches. As COVID-19 ravaged the world, many impressive tales of sacrifice have emerged.

South Philadelphians still have some time to spread the word about our selfless neighbors on Nextdoor. In addition to showcasing our great neighbors and neighborhoods, the stories will also help show that in the grand scheme, we truly are all in this together.

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