Mifflin Tavern’s Blanket Statement of Support

Mifflin Tavern is using proceeds from the sales of blankets to benefit an out-of-work service industry employee.

It’s been well-documented that the coronavirus has dealt some of its heaviest blows to the restaurant industry, both here in Philly, and around the counry. The latest surge has left many local restaurant employees out of work. Through Sunday, December 20, Mifflin Tavern, 1843 S. Second St., is setting aside proceeds from blanket sales to aid one of the newly unemployed—a single mother who lost her service industry job in the pandemic’s wake.

“There are just so many people who aren’t going to make it to the other side of this ordeal,” a staff member said of what her contemporaries have been facing for the majority of the year. “It’s just heartbreaking to think about, so we knew we had to step up.”

The Pennsport-based business initially sold blankets as a part of a movie night promotion. For the past two weeks they’ve been playing a good Samaritan for the jobless matriarch by marketing the items to the masses. Mifflin Tavern purchased the blankets for $5 and is selling them for $10, setting aside the profits for delivery to the South Philly-based recipient on Monday, December 21.

The public has thus far been “very generous,” according to the staffer. Many donors are encouraging the tavern to keep the blankets to put them to better use. That inspired the Tavern’s management to donate the goods to a local women’s shelter.

“This industry is just one big family when you really think about it,” the aforementioned figure said. “That said, the pandemic has been particularly hurtful to us as a whole. Whatever anyone can do is going to help somehow because, at this stage, if you don’t have any sympathy for what people are going through, what’s left? Where are we headed if we don’t think of others in their needs and especially at this time of year?”

To purchase a blanket directly, create a Venmo memo with Mifflin Tavern as the designee. Or, add one to your food/cocktails delivery order. Call 267-273-0811 for more information.