The (well-decorated) envelope, please…

A virtual fundraiser in January will support Fine Arts programs, and a new norm, at Neumann Goretti.

When it comes to fundraising in a pandemic, Neumann Goretti High School has plans for a unique virtual effort this January.

The school’s Advancement Office, in collaboration with its art students, is hosting #fundNGarts, an online envelope challenge starting Sunday, January 17, 2021, to raise much-needed funding for the school’s Fine Arts department. Students have creatively designed 200 envelopes, numbered 1-200, that will be available at for purchase. Anyone can visit the site, select one of the students’ designed envelopes, and donate the amount that corresponds to the number on the envelope.

Once all envelopes are selected, Neumann Goretti realizes $20,100 to introduce a new arts animation elective, help underwrite the music department, including a possible new drumline, and improve the dance studio along with a new dance course.

The school’s director of institutional advancement, Duke Doblick, CFRE, explained more about this initiative. “Since my first day at Neumann Goretti, in March of this pandemic year, I’ve been looking for ways to engage the students and interact with them more directly, since working remotely hasn’t afforded me that opportunity so far. With the approval of the president, Joe McColgan, and the principal, Hugh Quigley, the students have responded in a positive way.”

Working together to coordinate with the students, get designs finished, and uploaded to the website and ready for purchase, Mr. Doblick has been impressed with how Neumann Goretti’s art teacher, David Rodriguez, has proactively managed the process. “Mr. Rodriguez made the decision to incorporate this effort into course grades for the students, so their artistic talents would not only help them academically, but at the same time generate interest for donors to participate in a very special fundraiser,” according to Mr. Doblick.

To show your support of #fundNGarts, visit beginning January 17, 2021, and select an envelope or two to purchase. With your help, Neumann Goretti’s new norm of virtual fundraising will impact the fine arts and Catholic education in South Philly for years to come.