Not Short on (South Philly) Talent

“Expired,” a virtual offering from the Wilma Theater, was a showcase for several South Philly-based theater professionals.

At the height of the pandemic in February, the Wilma Theater began offering web-based HotHouse Shorts. The virtual productions serve as a stunning reminder that, whether in-person or via a computer, everyone benefits from having exposure to art. “Expired” which runs through July 31, is one component of the three-element Shorts series. The piece invites viewers into “a cyberspace underworld” teeming with demons who yearn for someone to purge them. The free experience were preceded by productions “Code Blue” and “The Lagniappe Project.” 

The creation abounds in contributions from South Philly residents past and present, with lead artist, co-creator, and performer Ross Beschler at the fore and receiving admirable assistance from, among others, Matteo Scammell and Taysha Marie Canales. Thanks to another South Philly local, co-creator and web design specialist Brenna Geffers, the work will especially delight fans of Greek mythology and that discipline’s thematic depth while also being a well-conceived way to anticipate heading to packed playhouses again.  

While catching the recorded performances is free, the Wilma is seeking donations so as to strengthen its HotHouse Company. Smartphones will not work for the viewing of “Expired.”

Click here to register to view Expired for free.