For the weekend: Art at the Market in Dickinson Square

Dickinson Square’s Art at the Market event will feature well-crafted items and a lauded dance performance.

As president of the Friends of Dickinson Square Park, Eileen Gargano works with her peers to present an assortment of events that everyone can enjoy at the green space located at 1600 E. Moyamensing Ave. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 19, their inviting environs will host Art at the Market, a celebration that dovetails their thriving farmers’ market with the talents of close to two dozen creative individuals and dancers set to bid farewell to summer. 

Drawing inspiration from a market event that the Friends help upon their formation a dozen years ago, this upcoming gathering will give locals a chance to peddle their handcrafted goods and for attendees to nourish not only their bodies via the market products, but also their souls through the 11:30 presence of the Anne-Marie Mulgrew Dance Company. The latter is set to present The Umbrella Dance, a piece that features six dancers clad in white and carrying white umbrellas. Documenters will be accompanying the performers as they execute what the company has dubbed “a remix of its travelling dance video installation.” 

“We thought the umbrella dance would be a great added feature on the day of the art show and farmers’ market when there is the largest crowd in the park,” Gargano said. 

As the company’s members make Dickinson Square Park yet another entry on a long list of their performance spots, Mulgrew and her contemporaries will be encouraging them to follow their footwork and upload images to social media. Teaming with the dancers to form the late-morning, early-afternoon spectacle, the artists and market station overseers will enhance the reputation for community involvement that the Pennsport green space has really come to enjoy. Gargano proudly touted that Sunday’s event will have a successor on Nov. 21 and that this fall will also see the Friends hosting Love Your Park, Halloween, and Holiday Park Lighting festivities and connecting with the Whitman Branch for Oct. 11-17’s Reading Promise Week. With the FringeArts’ Festival entry “Honky Tonkin’ — A Country Music Show” set to occur at the park on Sept. 25, fall’s arrival stands to help Gargano et al to keep drawing people to their beloved paradise.