El Molino Tortilleria bringing a fiesta of flavors to Girard Estates

The restaurant has been serving up Mexican deliciousness on fresh, in-house made tortillas for more than a year.

As he completed a recent takeout order, Jose Tellez did so with an appreciative look, relaying the purchase to his wife Eduarda. For the last 13 months, the husband-wife team has overseen El Molino Tortilleria and Restaurant, 1739 W. Ritner St., pushing forward through the pandemic to offer dishes true to their Puebla background. 

The couple became aware of the space two years ago, but fate dealt them a disheartening blow as the coronavirus surged last year. They persevered, and now their space has become a popular go-to for lovers of south-of-the-border fare, particularly tacos.

Jose and Eduarda Tellez have helmed El Molino since September 2020.

“It was not an easy time to open, but this was a dream to make come true,” Jose said from his establishment. He and Eduarda live not far from their labor of love and Jose noted, “The area is awesome, too, so we thank everyone because we’d be nowhere without this community.”

The taco offerings will sate the appetite for anyone looking for a delicious encounter with lamb, chicken, shrimp, pork, or beef. There are also mushroom and veggie options. A decent line-up of appetizers—nachos, empanadas, guac and chips—is complemented by non-taco entrees like burrito, fajitas, sopes, and the Mexican breakfast classic, chilaquiles.

The Tortilleria’s deliciousness begins with—you guessed it—fresh tortillas. El Molino makes its 100% corn (gluten free!) tortillas in-house. Very appropriate for a place whose name translates to “the mill.” Sidenote: you can take home a pound for $3.75. They’re currently available from 2pm-4pm on Wednesday to Sunday. Check out the video of a batch in progress.

Specials have included Tacos Dorados—golden tacos—made with corn tortillas warmed and filled with potatoes and chicken, and then pan-fried. The resulting crispy, yet chewy, texture makes a great hand-held treat. They’ve also offered a birra taco accompanied by a bowl of beef broth.

Authentic birra tacos are accompanied by a bowl of beef broth.

El Molino is currently offering dine-in and takeout service only. They plan to begin delivery service soon. The 25-seat space is hoping for a prosperous fall to round out its first full year, and Jose could not be happier. “With a business, I don’t think you can relax, but we feel comfortable,” he said as a quesadilla pleased a patron. “We are proud to be here.”

When asked what diners should try first, Jose said “Everything.” He continued, “Truly, though, we’ve been preparing these foods for a long time. I’m happy that many people are becoming regulars and that we do catering, too. I want to do outdoor seating next summer, so it feels good to be able to say that.”

Promising menu changes each season, he has high hopes for the future. “[It] would have been easy to quit,” Jose said of the circumstances that surrounded their beginnings. “We are proud people, though, so we go on. Stop by to say ‘Hello.’”