Enzo’s Pizzata debuts to great acclaim

The Girard Estate business is enjoying its second prosperous week.

When Enzo’s Pizzata received ample love from locals upon its September 14th opening, Nick Apadula felt overjoyed to be bringing his culinary passion to a neighborhood that he once called his own. Putting flavor and family front and center, the businessman has made the space, 1849 Wolf Street, a hub of craftsmanship and commitment to great food and lasting connections. 

“Everything has really humbled me so far,” the 44-year-old said Saturday from his new takeout and delivery haunt as passers-by grabbed slices and drinks as part of a community celebration. “I hoped this place would be mine, and I’m just blown away with the reaction we’re receiving.”

The Lower Moyamensing resident, no stranger to Passyunk Post readers through his time at SouthSide Pizzeria, had been seeking an inviting environs to continue a food-centric journey that has stretched for nearly three decades. Signing a lease in May, he made the summer a labor of love, not only in making sure every menu item was perfect and that the location looked flawless, but also in naming the spot. 

“I learned so much from my father, and I’m hoping to show as much to my son,” the proprietor said of his dad Vincenzo, whose initials make an appearance in the pizzata’s logo, and nine-year-old Enzo. “This all came together at a great time for me to keep stressing that you should never give up on a dream.” 

A bountiful selection of pizzas, stromboli, salads, steaks, sandwiches, hoagies, and desserts has started to prove irresistible to the masses, with Apadula singling out the margherita pizza and its reliance on buffalo mozzarella and Enzo’s cheesesteaks as the must-haves. Chicken cutlets have soared in popularity, too, but no matter one’s craving, he plans to sate it.

“This has been what I’ve known forever,” Apadula, who counts Dejvi Furxhi, owner of Burrata, 1247 S. 13th St., as his business partner, said with a smile between interactions with customers. “I’m dedicated to being the best wherever I am.”

On October 9, he will be committed in another context, as he and fiancee Alana will marry. As they start their new life together and as Enzo’s continues to appeal to the community, with outdoor seating a likelihood next spring, Apadula will stand by his identity as a neighborhood guy looking to be a cut, or, in this case a slice, above his competition. 

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity,” he said of helming the space that is open 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday or until his offerings run out. “Thanks to everyone who’s believed in me and put trust in me.”