Mother’s Day event at Washington Avenue Green is tomorrow; Pier 53 moving forward with ‘tentative date’

CORRECTION: June 21 is more of a “sneak peek” at the Pier 53 park, not a “tentative opening date,” DRWC said in an email: “We haven’t set a tentative date yet. The 21st is going to be an event celebrating the history and ecology of Pier 53, but is not a ribbon cutting. More details and times will be announced.”

Washington Avenue Green/Pier 53 is hosting a free nature-inspired event tomorrow, May 10, that includes arts and crafts, family activities and lunch. The festivities run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and kick off the opening day to the Love Your Park Week, a citywide celebration of Philadelphia’s diverse range of parks.

This event will look to focus on the natural experience of Washington Avenue Green as well help those still in need of a last-minute Mother’s Day gift by way of “Make & Take” arts and crafts opportunities.

Washington Avenue Green has been the subject of some exciting news recently as permits were granted to begin construction on the future pier park. While speaking at a history lecture for Pier 53 on May 4, Susan McAninley noted they have a “tentative opening date” for the park on June 21 after the tough winter delayed construction.

Topographical rendering of Pier 53, boardwalk is listed at #19 (via DRWC)
Topographical rendering of Pier 53 (via DRWC)

McAninley, who is involved with the Friends of Washington Avenue Green, is in the midst researching the “Pier 53 Project,” The project seeks to trace the ancestry of family members who immigrated to Philadelphia through the immigration station formerly housed on Pier 53. The hope is to have enough submissions that McAninley can distribute “passenger tags” to enhance the historical experience of the park to those in attendance at the grand opening event.

If you think your family may have come to America through Pier 53, please contact Susan McAninley for more information.

Also, if you’re in need of some fresh air and a handmade Mother’s Day Gift, please be sure to hit up the LOVE Your Park Event this Saturday at Washington Avenue Green.

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