2014’s Top Development Stories

Throughout 2014 we tracked dozens of development stories, including the multiple projects planned for Washington Ave., the plans for the former Bok school, a stadium district casino, and much, much more.

Renderings of Bart Blatstein’s Broad and Washington project

Here are some of the top development stories on the Passyunk Post in 2014.

Blatstein’s Broad and Washington project

Here's the previous, non 30-story version

This year Bart Blatstein’s planned mega-project at Broad and Washington was quite the big story. We’ll continue following this story in 2015, but here’s a look at the plans for the project.

Developer purchases old theater near 17th and Snyder


Though we don’t yet know what exactly is being planned for the building, it seems like it could lead to some big changes in the area.

East Passyunk gateway

Renderings by Studio Bryan Hanes
Renderings by Studio Bryan Hanes

This E. Passyunk Ave. gateway didn’t quite happen as planned in Fall 2014, but we’ll be sure to check in on this project in 2015. In case you missed it, here’s a look at the initial plan for the project.

Proposed Columbus Square Park redesign

Proposed redesign looking from 12th and Reed. Rendering by the Community Design Collaborative

The redesign of the park at 13th and Reed was never scheduled to begin in 2014, but renderings were released and money is being raised to fund its reconstruction. Here’s a look at the plans.

12th and Passyunk pedestrian improvements

A jumble of cars, many of which routinely run red lights (not necessarily these).

We all know that some South Philly streets don’t always have the safest pedestrian pathways. 12th and Passyunk is still slated for some improvements, hopefully still happening in early 2015. And now that we bring it up, hey, what’s the hold-up?

Are there any developments you’re excited to hear about in 2015?

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    Wow.. Looks pretty cool!

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    I’m excited for that hole in the ground at 12th and Morris to go away … any day now, right?
    Ha, but seriously I’m super excited for the nanobrewery on Moyamensing!

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