Rumor Mill: Is a nail salon opening at 19th and Catharine?

Some work is being done to the property on the corner of 19th and Catharine Streets, which means a new retail spot will be opening in the vacant storefront.

Photo of the property from Naked Philly.

There’s been some talk of a nail salon opening in the location, but nothing has been confirmed.

More on the property from Naked Philly:

Moving one more block to the west, we come to the northwest corner of 19th & Catharine. We checked in here a couple months ago, when the owners started working on the property after paying it little mind for a year or two. New window openings were getting cut and a former ice cream shop in the rear of the property was getting a new facade. Today, the building is still getting work done and we’ve learned that the first floor will be divided into two spaces with a single apartment above. We’ve heard rumblings about a nail salon, but nothing has been confirmed.

If not a nail salon, what would you like to see open here? 

One thought on “Rumor Mill: Is a nail salon opening at 19th and Catharine?

  • July 7, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Whatever it is, it needs more trees. This corner is so desolate and unwelcoming, the owner would be stupid not to line the corner with trees to be more inviting.

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