American Mortals hair salon opening location at Sweat Fitness in Queen Village

The hair salon American Mortals will soon be opening a new location at 700 E. Passyunk Ave. with Sweat Fitness.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.17.33 AM
Google streeview image of the location.

American Mortals also has a location in Graduate Hospital, so this will be their second location in South Philly.

More from PhillyMag:

“The doors will be open on September 1st, but it is possible that we will not have been inspected by the State Board yet. If we can’t fully operate as a salon, we’ll have like-minded pop-up shops in there until we’re able to fully pull the trigger,” May said.  (Think: Local soap makers and jewelry designers will set up shop in the salon.) Though the doors will be open in September, May thinks the salon won’t fully operational until October.

You can find out more about American Mortals on their website.