New plan could save the S.S. United States at the last minute yet again

The clock is ticking for the S.S. United States.

New life for the SS United States? (Photo: James Jennings)
(Photo: James Jennings)

Earlier this month we told you about the possibility of this massive ship being scrapped at the end of the month, now a new plan has arisen that may save the S.S. United States at the last minute once again.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, John Quadrozzi Jr. wants to move the ship to the Gowanus Bay Terminal, which he own, and remain there for free. The ship would then be redeveloped into a multi-use space.

More from the article:

His pitch is to gussy up the gutted vessel’s 12 decks — which span 13 football fields worth of space — and fill them with offices for start-ups, a gym and swimming pool, eateries, a theater, a maritime school, and a maritime museum. The ship would be self-sustaining, he claims, converting waste to energy and harnessing solar and wind power.

This plan would cost between $50 and $200 million, along with the $2 million cost to move the S.S. United State to Red Hook dock in New York.

If you recall, in 2010 the ship was almost sold for scrap, but a huge donation made by Gerry Lenfest saved it at the last minute. This may be the last chance for the ship to be saved for good.

The decision date for whether or not the ship will be scrapped is said to be October 31, so only a few days remain before the fate of this ship is decided. 

One thought on “New plan could save the S.S. United States at the last minute yet again

  • October 30, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    It sucks that this exciting idea for such a grand historic ship is going to be poached from us and be added to New York’s various tourist attracting baubles… I’m glad it is being saved. But I loathe how this obvious opportunity for something fresh, new, and exciting is to become an asset to the New York area.

    Philly has the sweat equity in holding onto it so long. Our business leaders and donors put up money that they could have used for other projects in order to keep it here. They did this because they mostly envisioned the ship becoming a grand attraction one day and be an asset for Philadelphia for years to come. That we’re allowing it to get cherry picked is just sad… But I guess nobody cares…

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