Bainbridge Green seeking feedback on parklet space

Did you have a chance to check out the week-long parklet space at Bainbridge Green?


Improvements on Bainbridge between 3rd and 5th Streets should eventually become permanent, so they’re seeking feedback on the pop-up park space they used over the weekend.

The parklet was installed at 4th and Bainbridge, closing off the roundabout to traffic. The space was designed using hay bales and wire spools as tables. With help from PerryFelix, PHS and Greensgrow farms, they were able to create this community space for the fall events over the weekend.


Pre-schematic plans for the permanent space will be presented later this month, but in the meanwhile, they’re seeking feedback on the space for the future. Friends of Bainbridge Green is asking the community to reach out to Councilman Squilla ( to voice their opinions on the space, in hopes of creating more pop-ups and permanent fixtures like this in the future. 

What do you think of the use of this space?

One thought on “Bainbridge Green seeking feedback on parklet space

  • November 4, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Baby steps, I guess.

    Bainbridge street is about 100 feet wide here for these 2 blocks, with 2 lanes of traffic in both directions (although unstriped), and 4 (count em FOUR) parking lanes.

    Here’s what a real livability plan would look like:
    * Close one entire side of the street to cars, and remove 2 parking lanes.
    * Give the entire lane over to ped, bike, and non-motorized mixed use event space (gasp, 2 whole blocks for something other than cars!?)
    * Make the remaining drive lane 2-way, with angle parking on one side. (Yes, it’s wide enough).
    * Take down the fence along the median
    * Level the non-car street side with the former median, which is now the curb.

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