Milkboy opening new location on South Street

Milkboy, the combination music venue, bar and cafe in Center City, is branching out a bit farther south.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.34.50 PM
Google streetview image of the location from 2014.

A new location of Milkboy is being opened across from Jim’s Steaks at 401 South St.

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Bill Hanson, one of the owners, said that he and his partners will take over the spot at the northwest corner of Fourth and South Streets that everyone remembers as Lickety Split. A rumor to that effect was posted on

Lickety Split, across from Jim’s Steaks, was a landmark Philly fern bar that closed in 1996 after more than two decades. It later was revived, in name only, before the joint was Jon Taffer-ized in 2014 as 2nd State Lounge and Alleged Pizza for his Bar Rescue TV series. It closed earlier this year.

“We believe in South Street,” said Hanson, who is keeping details close to the vest for now.