Order it wit fried mortadella: Marc Vetri guest chefs for Pat’s on Thursday

In case you didn’t get a chance to order your cheesesteak wit kelp granules at the first of Pat’s King of Steaks’ new guest chef series, here’s another chance to try something new and unexpected from the 85-year-old establishment.

Photo of the “cheesteak” from the first installment of the guest chef series.

Up this time is Marc Vetri, who will be working with Frank Olivieri to create an Italian Cubano-like sandwich on Thursday, January 21.

Vetri’s cheesteak will have Taleggio cheese and fried mortadella from Di Bruno Bros, beef, cherry peppers and onions. Whiz is optional. While maybe not as crazy-seeming for Pat’s as the vegetarian “cheesesteak” last time around, this new series is definitely onto something new for this long-lived establishment.

Last time around, the donation-optional sandwiches from health coach Sally Eisenberg raised over $3,500 for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. This time money is being raised for Vetri’s own foundation, The Vetri Community Partnership, which encourages healthy eating and living for children.

The sandwiches will cost $10 each. If you’d like to give this specialty cheesesteak a try, stop by on Thursday, January 21 between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.