New owner of Living Room Cafe plans for market ‘kind of like Green Aisle’ next door

The Living Room Cafe was brought back to life in September of 2015 at 703 S. 5th St. Now the brunch-themed restaurant has reopened yet again under new ownership, with aims towards even bigger things.


While some things have been changing since opening under new ownership in January, including a new locally-sourced, farm-to-table menu (maybe a new spot for all of you missing Fourth and Cross), the biggest new things for the establishment are yet to come. In the span of 6 to 9 months, The Living Room Cafe plans to open a market, “kind of like Green Aisle Grocery,” in the Vivi Bubble Tea shop directly next door.

The Living Room Cafe will be taking over the short-lived bubble tea shop, which is currently still open, to create a market with local foods. Since the cafe serves “Farm to table your way,” expect to see a lot of locally-sourced items, including things that will soon be canned and jarred in-house.


In addition to the changes next door, The Living Room Cafe will soon become more like a living room. The decor will be changing to reflect on the name of the establishment. Instead of just seeing tables and chairs, expect couches and comfier things to embody the feeling of home. These changes you’ll begin to see over the next few weeks.

Check out The Living Room Cafe’s new website and menu here.

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