S.S. United States could sail away from Philadelphia as luxury cruise liner

For the first time in years, the S.S. United States finally seems to be on a path towards development and away from the scrapyard. A preliminary agreement was announced for the ship in mid-December without revealing any details about the vessel’s future.

New life for the SS United States? (Photo: James Jennings)
New life for the SS United States? (Photo: James Jennings)

Yesterday it was announced that the company that signed a purchase option for the ship is luxury travel company, Crystal Cruises, who hope to have this ship sailing once again as a cruise liner.

More from The New York Times:

For Crystal it would be the latest addition to an ambitious and sometimes unconventional collection of luxury travel offerings — including excursions by personal submarine, and plans for a “cruising in the sky” luxury jumbo jet. It could also be among the most difficult.