Art installation from Fleisher Art Memorial coming to Queen Street Tunnel

The Queen Street Tunnel between Front and Swanson Streets is about to get a lot more interesting.

Photo of the tunnel from QVNA.

As part of a project of students and staff at Fleisher Art Memorial, artwork is being created to eventually be wheat pasted on the walls of the tunnel.

This art installation will include large-scale drawings and photo montages created by the students, staff and community surrounding the Fleisher Art Memorial. According to the Queen Village Neighbors Association, this artwork will include, “fantastical creatures, fanciful flora and fauna, and whimsical dreamscapes that celebrate the imagination.” The artists behind this project are meant to envision what the environment of the future may look like.  

The community will also have a chance to participate in this art installation. If you attend Fleisher’s ARTspiration event this weekend you’ll have a chance to create artwork that could be wheat pasted in the tunnel.