Two Washington Avenue mixed-use projects closer to rezoning approval

For two Washington Avenue mixed-use developments to move forward, they both need approval from city council for the rezoning of the parcels of land. Earlier this week, that process became one step closer to reality with a city council committee approving of the three bills.


The first project to is at 2501 Washington Ave., where the property needs to be rezoned to IRMX to allow the five-story, mixed-use project to move forward. The other two bills are for the rezoning at Broad and Washington for the Lincoln Square development.

More from PlanPhilly:

All of the proposed ordinances were introduced by 2nd District Councilman Kenyatta Johnson in April. The South of South Neighborhood Association (SOSNA), the coordinating registered community organization for the area, testified that its membership voted unanimously at two separate community meetings to support the two projects.

Despite the overwhelming support from SOSNA, the bills weren’t without controversy. These two singular rezoning proposals along Washington Avenue inspired testimony from nearly a dozen individuals. By the numbers, the speakers were evenly split, for and against. By decibels or duration of testimony, the opposition dominated.

Even though both projects require zoning changes, they comport with the recommendations in the Philadelphia 2035 Central and South District Plans, which in large part call for increased density and more mixed-use development in the booming areas.

The next step for the projects is the final vote from City Council.