Noord and Fond cook off happening at The Dutch

The Dutch, a collaboration between Joncarl Lachman of Noord and Lee Styer of Fond, opened in the former Fourth and Cross location in Pennsport in April.


While The Dutch is a breakfast spot, they also host “night kitchen” events. At the end of this month, Noord and Fond will be participating in a cook off between their two kitchens.

Fond and Noord will pick teams from the kitchen staff at their restaurants and then compete on a course-by-course basis. There will be four courses each, meaning a total of eight courses to try. You’ll also be provided with complimentary wine pairings. If you decide to attend (it’s $145 per person, with limited space available), you’ll get to try it all and cast your vote in the end on which team is better.

Seeing that both are highly-rated restaurants, this competition is for some serious bragging rights. The event will cost you $145. If you’re interested in attending, you can call 215-755-5600 for a reservation.