Delayed Cianfrani Park renovation resuming, expected completion in the fall

Last year we informed you of the capital improvements to Cianfrani Park at 8th and Fitzwater beginning. The plans include new trees, walkways and benches, the installation of a statue garden including the 100-year-old City Seal of Philadelphia statue and more.


The project had an original completion date of the spring, but due to a number of setbacks, the completion date for the project has been pushed back farther.

The original delays in the project were due to the contractor dealing with emergency projects at several other locations in the city. After those wrapped up, they then encountered some electrical problems that required more attention, delaying the project too late to plant the trees and complete the improvements.

According to Bella Vista Neighbors, the project is now resuming. The electrical problems are resolved, but now the work crews are taking down an electric pole and burying those overhead wires.

Once that is completed, the fencing for the animal-free zone and the statues will be installed. In the fall the paving will be finished, along with the planting of the new trees. The trees that were originally in the park are mimosas, which have just a 10 to 20 year lifespan. Seeing that they were planted in 1968, it was time for the park to start anew. Large caliper trees will be planted here.

One thought on “Delayed Cianfrani Park renovation resuming, expected completion in the fall

  • June 22, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    The new trees and paving are already done, in fact. I was extremely sad to see the mimosas go, and the new trees (which are Kentucky Coffee trees and are already planted) are definitely not as charismatic, but in general they look better than I expected. The whole park is more open now.

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