Pennsport dog run group now has a name, non-profit status in the works

Pennsport has been working on plans for two dog runs recently. The first, a dog run for Dickinson Square and another for under I-95. 


The latter dog run for I-95 is moving forward, with plan having been submitted to the proper companies and progress being made on the formal creation of a non-profit organization for the group.


The plans for the dog run under I-95 still include three separate enclosed spaces. Two will be grass runs, while the third is expected to be crushed granite with orange plastic barriers surrounding the area. The plans have now been submitted to the proper organizations. Once approved, the two grass runs would be the first to be installed. The gravel dog run requires more work, including the installation of a water source in close proximity, and would require at least a year of work.


The group planning this dog run, fronted by Rob Oryl, is being called P.A.D.S., the Pennsport Association of Dog Spaces. Once the group is a designated non-profit, they will then be accepting donations for membership.

Interested in becoming part of this process? P.A.D.S. now has a Facebook group.

2 thoughts on “Pennsport dog run group now has a name, non-profit status in the works

  • June 22, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    I95 lovely location with peaceful setting of the roar from the highway plus street car traffic plus a bit “shady” area. Gravel does need tending. And mr. Oryl is not a Pennsport resident but is certainly invested. Realize it will please some.

  • June 22, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Not a location with ambiance or community i95. Noisey and traffic above and beside. Not sure all women would be comfortable in this area. And who is Rob Oryl?

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