SOSNA seeks feedback on 24th and Bainbridge pedestrian triangles

The most buzzed about pedestrian triangle in the area covered by the South of South Neighborhood Association tends to be the Grays Ferry Triangle at 23rd and South. While that may be the largest community gathering place, there are two more pedestrian triangles that SOSNA is seeking feedback on.


These two Grays Ferry Avenue triangles, located at 24th and Bainbridge, could be seeing some improvements “with the goals of enhancing safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists and improving aesthetics.”

The survey asks your thoughts on the current usage of these two pedestrian triangles, with everything from the walkability to the ability to attract new businesses to the area. It continues to ask if you believe SOSNA and the city should invest in resources to improve these areas.

Are you familiar with these pedestrian triangles? You can fill out the survey here.