Old School Spotlight: Frangelli’s Bakery

We enjoy bringing you news about the latest restaurants and retail “opening soon” across South Philly.  In “Old School Spotlight” we take a look at a business that’s been around a while but is still vibrant and ready to serve you.  

The Franolli. Photo by Frangelli’s.

Frangelli’s Bakery owner John Colosi is rightfully proud of all his delicious pastries.  Sometimes, though, a parent has a favorite child or two. Colosi’s favorites include his bakery’s old style Philadelphia cheesecake and another, more unique creation…the “Franolli.”  The name of this doughnut, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chip, is a portmanteau of the words Frangelli’s and cannoli. The tasty treat was created by chance in 2012 when John dipped a piece of doughnut in some cannoli filling and loved the combination.  It’s become a fan favorite and even prompted Steve Harvey to do a little dance after trying one on his show.

Frangelli’s was established in 1947 and moved to its current location in the 1990s.  “I grew up at 9th and Jackson across the street from the original Frangelli’s and I’ve been eating these baked goods my whole life,” said Colosi, an affable fellow in his early forties. Colosi bought the bakery eight years ago, after the original owner’s son retired. In addition to being the owner, he’s also the principal baker. His sister Stacy Colosi Gatto is one of his helpers.

Chocolate ice cream doughnut. Photo by Frangelli’s.

As the temperatures rise, there’s another Frangelli’s treat that will help you keep your cool…the Ice Cream Doughnut. 40 years ago Frangelli’s filled the doughnut with Neapolitan ice cream dipped right out of the freezer as you waited.

The confection was re-introduced six years ago. Current options include doughnuts stuffed with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream.  The ice cream doughnuts are only sold seasonally, but Colosi hints that he’s testing year-round sales.

When asked about the price of the Ice Cream Doughnut, Colosi’s sister Stacy chimes in, “they cost $3 but he [referring to her brother] always offers half-off price to First Responders!”