In Great Spirits

A West Passyunk eatery will hold a Day of the Dead celebration on Friday.

Since its August 2018 opening, The Thirsty Soul, 1551 W. Passyunk Ave., has enjoyed a lively existence among fans of  to-die-for food, drinks, and inviting atmospheres. Those elements will unite in earnest from 7 p.m. until midnight on Friday, as the location presents its inaugural Day of the Dead event, with owner Adrienne Salvatore-Markey eager to present the tribute to fallen loved ones.

The proprietor is presenting the occasion as a collaboration between her establishment and The Thirsty Soul’s “dear friends” at Café y Chocolate, which recently moved from its former home at 2100 S. Norwood St. to 1532 Snyder Ave. The latter business prides itself on offering authentic Mexican fare. Since the Day of the Dead holds special reverence among residents of central and southern Mexico, Friday’s partnership seemed ideal to Salvatore-Markey.

To sate the living, Café y Chocolate’s Arturo Lorenzo will prepare apropos seasonal and cultural treats beginning at 7 p.m. The Soul will offer specialty drinks. Salvatore-Markey revealed that one will be dubbed “Resurrection.”

Photo provided by The Thirsty Soul

While the food- and beverage-based parts of the five-hour observance will meet with favor, The Thirsty Soul figures to draw the most attention for the altar, or ofrenda. The altar will be akin to those created by families for the Day of the Dead as an opportunity to reconnect with the spirits of their deceased relatives.

“I think the ofrenda is a beautiful tradition,” Salvatore-Markey said. “Ours will include water—quench the thirst of the souls after their long journey—, bread, hot chocolate, rice, flowers, and candles to welcome the departed’s temporary return to the land of the living. Guests are encouraged to bring a photo or memento of their loved ones.”