“Dough” Unto Others

Epiphany of Our Lord Parish’s annual pasta dinner promises plenty of opportunities to grow a communal vibe.

Rev. James Casey likes building camaraderie among the congregation at Epiphany of Our Lord Parish. From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, November 9th, organizer Cindy Pierandozzi and the other faces behind the worship site’s annual pasta dinner will look to make their pastor proud through an evening of lighthearted conversations, music appreciation, and, well, amazing food.

“We’re always so happy to come together to support our identity this way,” Pierandozzi, a 30-year parishioner, said of the gathering whose culinary components will consist of penne, meatballs, mini pizzas, bread, salads, and desserts. “Every time we do so, it gives us that extra bit of gratitude for being a part of this community.”

The parish’s learning institution, Our Lady of Hope Regional School, 1248 Jackson St., will host the feast, with tickets going for $15 for children under 12 and $25 for adults. Interested parties can call 215-334-1035 to secure their place or buy tickets after Saturday’s 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Masses. Their contributions, Pierandozzi noted, will go toward the overall upkeep of the Lower Moyamensing parish’s property and, along with a fine meal, will give them the opportunity to hear tunes from the Great American Songbook.

“We’re very fortunate to be able to have his talent be a part of the night,” the organizer said of fellow parishioner Brandon Tomasello, a singer noted for his affinity for the Songbook and Frank Sinatra’s canon.

The performer will team with The Mike Nigro All-Star Band as the event’s melodic elements, with raffles joining the food and the entertainment to make for a memorable occasion.

“I’m biased but I’m excited for the dinner,” Pierandozzi said. “I think it’s going to be a great time to relax, laugh, eat, and listen to classics.”