A Quinn-tessential florist in Pennsport

101 years old and going strong, Quinn’s Flower Shop is ready to deliver artfully-arranged awesomeness.

Time and change can be thorns in the side of most businesses, but since its 1920 inception, Quinn’s Flower Shop, 1728 S. Second St., has never wilted as a haven for flora aficionados. As Valentine’s Day approaches this Pennsport spot is ready once again ready to share the love, floral-style.

“It’s definitely an occasion that keeps us all on our toes,” said Frank Quinn IV, who helms the location with wife Maryann. “No matter for how long we’ve been at this calling, we always become a little extra pumped at the beginning of a year since we don’t have to wait too long, following the Christmas season, to make people happy again.”

Quinn and his busy-as-bees staff members have been preparing for the February 14th holiday since January 7. It’s the shop’s first peak season, followed by Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Quinn predicted that the team will log 60 hours over the two days leading up to the holiday. The shop will offer six flower packages, with prices ranging from $35 to $125. Roses, in red, white, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and peach shades, are popular choices. Lilies and spring bouquets are other options. Quinn’s also offers balloons, stuffed bears, and chocolates.

Five generations (and counting)

A timeline on the shop’s website recounts the many Quinn family members who have helmed the shop.

Frank C. Quinn, Sr. started the business in 1920 at 2008 S. Third St. Quinn Sr.’s wife Martha took over after his sudden death in 1930. In 1961 Martha was succeeded by son Frank Quinn, Jr.

Frank, Jr., born in an apartment above the shop, spent his entire career as a florist until his passing in 1998. Frank C. Quinn III joined his father at the shop in 1978.

In 1999, Frank Jr.’s wife Mary assumed management of the business. Her daughter Eileen Quinn-Cassidy and grandson Frank Quinn IV, the shop’s current proprietor, assumed daily operations in 2001.

In 2020, Frank IV’s wife Maryann joined the business. The couple made the decision to move the shop from its home of 99 years on 3rd Street to its current location three blocks north. At their updated showroom they were joined by son Frank Quinn, great-great-grandson of the original owner, who is “looking to take the business into the next 100 years.”

Recounting their many loyal customers, including a number of South Philly churches, Frank IV noted, “It’s amazing to think about how long we’ve been mutually beneficial to each other.”

Frank IV was 13 when he started in the business. He became the company’s primary designer in 2001. “From the moment I became aware of the services we provide and how much people rely on us, I was hooked and wanted to keep everything going,” he explained. He recalls “being amazed at what beauty his grandfather could create by merely using his hands and what was available to him from nature.” Frank continues to study floristry, “taking monthly classes to stay on top of the market’s latest designs.”

In addition to opening their new showroom in 2020, the shop adjusted operations to address coronavirus concerns.  They devised multiple means to ensure the health and safety of clients and employees, including contact-free transactions and frequent cleanings of delivery vehicles. 

“We’ll be here for you, like we’ve always been,” Quinn said of the countdown to February 14. “Whatever it takes to make the day memorable, count on us to make it so.”

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