Taking Flight at Jefferson Square

A Jefferson Square-based performance of FIREBIRD will help Philly PACK mark its 10th year.

Nothing beats an outdoor opportunity to enjoy the arts. This Tuesday, April 27, 10 actor-dancers from Philly PACK will be guided by director-choreographer and playwright Monica Flory in an original (and FREE!) interpretation of the FIREBIRD folktale at Jefferson Square, 300 Washington Ave.

Performances take place at 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. Be sure to bring your own chair or blanket. The performance, PACK says, “…touches on healing after loss through forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self.”

The 13- and 14-year-old members of the South Philly theatre and dance education center’s advanced ensemble have been practicing at the Pennsport park since September. The most exciting part of this project is the passion these young performers have for in-person rehearsal, even if it’s cold or muddy,” said Jessica Noel, Philly PACK’s Director. “The Performance Company ensemble is truly inspiring in their dedication to the art and to each other.”

Noel has helped numerous students develop devotions to acting, dancing, singing, and theatrical design. She started the program in 2011 at the Meredith School in Queen Village.

The teens’ efforts are aided by production designer Kat Caro, who created the Firebird puppet that the youths will manipulate, as well as costume designer Heather Brann who used different textiles for the ensemble to dance on during their performances. Choreographer Hillary Pearson will bring a modern dance work the mix.

The early evening, socially-distanced gathering should enhance attendees’ appreciation for both folklore and the local artists working to hone their craft and connect with the community.

Although this week’s performance is free, PACK will accept donations to assist with their ongoing programming.